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ORGFC: writers30days Round 2 Drabble

Title: Marriage
Theme: Always
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Nick puts his hand on the top of Lady’s head, marvels at how tall a few years and several hurnyrs did to the woman.

She looks up at him and smiles, places her hand on his head. They stare into each other. There’s a flush running up his neck and her hand shakes as the reverend takes the garland of white, fragrant, soapy flowers and ties it around their waists. He takes a step back and says something that Nick doesn’t understand, because he’s a little too focused on the way Lady’s mouth moves when she responds:

“I do.”

Title: French Movie
Theme: Picture Inspired
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Guerrier House is far from the closest town, but the gravel path from the driveway to Ffylldi’Guerrier is too beautiful a walk for Nick to care. The lane is lined with motherly trees that shade them from the high-hanging sun. Beyond the trees are green fields and hedges and next to him is Lady, wearing something black and knitted. She holds onto his arm and leans into his body and it’s like a scene from a French movie. The bubble of silence that surrounds them is only broken by an odd little bird and Lady’s contented sighing. It’s almost disconcerting.

Title: More Than Words
Theme: Touch
Rating: R
Warnings: sex

Nick is a man of few useful words. He prefers to speak through his actions, and there is no action more telling than when he places his hand on the small of my back. It’s always so gentle, like he’s still unsure that after a year of marriage I wouldn’t be interested, that I would still shy away from his hand as it cups the side of my breast when his face is pressed into the side of my neck, that I would deny him anything, especially the slow rock of a mature lullaby.

Title: Maybe We’ve Settled
Theme: Carry Me Home
Rating: G
Warnings: None

The subject is brought up at a party neither of them are happy about but are socially obliged to attend. The woman, willowy with a severe mole on the side of her neck, asks Lady about their recent travels in the ConDe.

Lady smiles pleasantly and squeezes the life out of Nick’s hand. “None. We just haven’t found the time!” And before the woman can say anything else, they’ve just seen someone they “know”.

Later, Nick asks why they haven’t traveled.

Lady responds with a shrug. “Why? Is there anywhere you want to be?”

Nick responds with an affectionate “no”.

Title: Mostly Okay
Theme: Different POV
Rating: PG
Warnings: mentions death

Sometimes, I find Lady’s happiness odd. In all the years I’ve known her—so her entirely life—there’s always been an undercurrent of bitterness in her. There is the bitterness over the death of her mother, Lazlind’s infidelity, Nick’s appearances and disappearances, Kwang-Sun and Ximeña’s relationship. Even as she smiles, she winces in jealousy.

So when I see her after she’s married and I see that the bitterness that I’ve come to know and accept is gone, it’s unsettling.

I’m not sure if I’m okay with it.

Title: And Now The News
Theme: Exactly 100
Rating: G
Warnings: None

The doctor smiled as he gave them the news, but Nick could feel Lady’s tension as the doctor asked if they wanted a moment “to celebrate”.

The moment he walked out, Lady broke down.

“Why?” she wailed as her body imploded. “Why us? We didn’t want it!”

Lady’s entire body was trembling and Nick didn’t know what to do. He wanted to touch her, console her somehow. But he couldn’t. Because he wanted this and consoling Lady would be an ironic brag.

He has to say something. “I think you’d be a good mother.”

Lady shakes her head and cries.

Title: Might Just Die
Theme: Death
Rating: PG
Warnings: ghost themes, depression

Lady, when she’s panicky, throws off enough anxious energy to choke an elephant. Nick is not as strong as an elephant, though he has the solemn countenance of one and enough will power to play a poker face into the underworld.

She’s not panicky now. She’s quiet, placid, like a mirror projecting a ghostly mirage. It’s disturbing, disheartening, and the dark truth that he had been a part of her distress was going to kill him.

“Lady” he said from across the living room. Lady looked up and her dark, hollow eyes absently damned him. He swallowed. “We’re going out.”

Title: A Sentence
Theme: Loved her enough to pretend otherwise
Rating: G
Warnings: none

Loved her enough to tell her.

Title: Ten Months
Theme: 10 Years
Rating: PG13
Warnings: cursing

Lady shouted, scaring nearby birds as an entire colony of charcoal-colored things lifted out of three nearby trees. Lady covered her face and walked in circles. “Why do you want it?”

“I’m sorry, dear, if I want to keep our child, since it is OUR CHILD.”

Lady sneered at him and crossed her arms. “You’re so selfish.”

Nick felt his anger boil and rise along his spine. “I’m selfish?” He paused, felt the blood rush to his ears. “What about you? Why don’t you want to have children?”

Lady’s pause was accentuated by a childish pout. She answered, “I’m not ready!”

“And that’s not selfish?” Lady opened her mouth to defend herself, but Nick cut her off. “When will you be ready? Huh? Tell me, how long will it take for you to finally be ready?”

“I don’t know! Ten years?”

“Ten years?” Nick rubbed his face. “Ten fucking years? How fucking old are you, Lady? Not this body of yours, but how long ago were you born?”

Lady took a breath as she paused before admitting, “Thirty-two.”

“So in ten years, you will be forty-two. Do forty-two year olds have babies on this planet? Because they don’t on mine! At least not healthy babies!” Nick balled up his fists and put them against his temples. “We don’t have ten years to get ready, Lady! Right now, we don’t even have ten months!”

They fell silent. Lady had her arms crossed over her stomach as tears sprinted down her face. Nick was running his hands through his hair and stared at a hedge that was just over an acre away. There was a brown thing hopping along the top that had stopped to rest. It flew away after it noticed Nick.

“What are we going to do?”

Title: Idling Gossip
Theme: "They told me they fixed it"
Rating: G
Warnings: none

“I thought they split up.”

“No, no dear. They just moved into different houses for a little while. They were never officially divorced. They have moved back in, now.”

“Then why did I see the Misses with another man?”

“Really? When? Where?”

“Just out in the fields, near the lake near their house; and they seemed rather cozy while they talked.”

“Did you see them do anything else?”

“No, but it is a shame isn’t it? With the Misses being pregnant and all, it must break that poor boy’s heart.”

“Shame, too, because I thought they had finally fixed themselves.”

Title: Lost Things Found?
Theme: Lost
Rating: G
Warnings: none

By chance, Lady and Tim meet down at the lake just off her estate. Tim is standing tall and calm and Lady is instantly angry.

“What are you doing here?”

He half-turns around. “I do this, remember.”

“Yeah,” she says, “but that doesn’t mean you can…do it.”

She stops in front of him and begins panting. She’s tense—emotionally and physically—and her child disapproves with a gentle kick. “Nick’s gone” she says. “What did you do?”


“We were here last week and last week Nick disappeared, no note and no call and…what happened?”

Tim’s mouth is open as he understands what she’s saying. He closes it and shakes his head. Lady’s anxiety leaves her as blood rushes to her cheeks and water rushes out from her womb.

Title: Back
Theme: Fly
Rating: G
Warnings: none

Petyffée is curled against Lady’s chest as they step into ConDe. It’s dark and musty and Lady wishes that she didn’t have to come in here. For once, she realizes, she was happy on the estate.

She goes over to the computer console and flips a switch. Suddenly, the lights come on. The air-conditioner kicks on, the ground hums in delight and the screen in front of her changes from static to a big black block. Lady turns around and Condie is standing in the middle of the room, with her arms behind her back and a kind smile on her face.

“Where do you want to go, Captain?”

Lady blinks and puts on a small, sad smile. “Anywhere you’re willing to fly to.”

“Then let’s go someplace near, just to warm the motor. Then we can go find Nick.”

Lady held Petyffée closer to her heart and thanked Condie.

Title: Wanted: Babysitter
Theme: Writers Choice 1 (50 Words)
Rating: G
Warnings: none

Kwang Sun and Lady walked along a stone path that rambled through the monastery’s meditation garden. They walked between vibrant green hedges and delicate pink flowers.

“I can’t take care of your kid. I’m in deep. Leaving her with me would raise questions neither of us can risk. I’m sorry.”

Title: Dream A Little Dream For Me
Theme: Writers Choice 2 (Dream)
Rating: G
Warnings: none

Nick once had a dream about a girl with red hair. She was pretty and smart and she was going to have his child. He was so in love with her.

But he forgot the dream, like you always do when you wake up. He forgot everything but the image of the girl smiling at him with the greatest love and compassion and adoration; she smiled at him unlike anyone had smiled at him before.

“Why can’t I have that?” he asks himself as the dream disappears into the back corner of his bedroom.

Title: Hush
Theme: Writers Choice 3 (No Dialogue)
Rating: G
Warnings: none

Laz hasn’t seen the white door to the ConDe in thirty years. He is looking out from the deck of his Oklahoma home and sees it curved around the trunk of a tree. When it opens, he starts off the deck.

Nick steps out, but he isn’t the Nick Laz once knew. He is older, has way more hair, and is beaten and desperate. In his arms is a white blanket spotted with pink polka dots and Laz doesn’t know what’s going on anymore.

Before he asks, Nick holds the baby out to him. The baby starts falling. Laz catches her before she hits the ground. The baby gurgles and Laz hushes her and marvels at the blue eyes that were undeniably Lady’s.

When Laz looks up, Nick and the ConDe are gone. When he looks down, the baby is staring up at him, fear darkening her brilliant blue eyes.


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